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Rammstein Seemann Clarinet Cover

Here is a short clip of my arrangement of Rammstein's "Seemann" for clarinet quartet. I did as a fun experiment with the Acapella ...

Cavallini Duet No. 2 from 3 Grand Artistic Duets for two clarinets

I played with Acapella again! Here's the beginning of Duet no. 2 from Cavallini's 3 Grand Artistic Duets for two clarinets. Thank you ...


Cat and puppy pal.

Judge Hacksaw

Talitha Hanks directed this take on Judge Judy a student film at BYU starring Emily Tyndall and Kim Nelson Hirt.

Kasey Tyndall - "Jesus and Joan Jett"

"Jesus and Joan Jett" by Kasey Tyndall Female singer/songwriter round every Monday night at The Listening Room Cafe in ...

Rimsky-Korsakov Duet for 2 Clarinets

I wasn't aware of these duets by Rimsky-Korsakov recently, and I'm happy to have found them! They're short and sweet, plus ...

Poulenc Sonata for 2 Clarinets - II. Andante

Here is a short clip from the second movement of Poulenc's Sonata for 2 clarinets made on Acapella. Thanks for watching!

Kevin Anderson & Jim Skea | Covid-19 crisis: Impact on Climate Policy

Covid-19 has sparked the most severe economic crisis since the Great Depression, and has dramatically altered our way of life for ...

Kasey Tyndall - "Remember My Name"

"Remember My Name" by Kasey Tyndall Song Suffragettes http://www.songsuffragettes.com/ https://twitter.com/songsuffragette ...

Sustainable Travel in Academia (Tyndall Manchester)

Sustainable Travel in Academia (Tyndall Manchester) has been shortlisted for a Making a Difference Award in the outstanding ...

Emily and Tyndall

Wedding Photography.

Spinei Concerto for Clarinet & String Orchestra

Performance of Cristina Spinei's Concerto for Clarinet and String Orchestra at Truett McConnell University in Cleveland, GA, ...

Reflections in the Mud - Official Theatrical Trailer (Megaplex Version April 3, 2009)

"The Toughest Story of Her Life" Starring Jodi Russell, Mike Hamill, Marc Raymond, with Marie Westbrook, Curt Doussett, Emily ...



Emily Brooke - "We'll See"

"We'll See" by Emily Brooke Female singer/songwriter round every Monday night at The Listening Room Cafe in Nashville, TN.

Emily Reid - "Jennifer Aniston"

"Jennifer Aniston" by Emily Reid Song Suffragettes http://www.songsuffragettes.com/ https://twitter.com/songsuffragette ...

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