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'Coming To America' Madge Sinclair Passed Away But Her Heartbreaking Life Secrets Many Don't Know

Although she says now that it was a life-threatening illness that triggered her determination to demand more from life than what ...

Reggae Film Festival TRIBUTE to Madge Sinclair

Jamaica International Reggae Film Festival 2013 honoured Jamaican Women In Film with a tribute to actress Madge Sinclair.

Madge Sinclair - CareerEdit

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Hidden Figures: Madge Sinclair

Info for the event! 'PRIVILEGE UNHINGED Screening and Talk Back at Medgar Evers College:' ...

Phyllis Shand Allfrey's The Orchid House - clip Madge Sinclair as Lally the nurse

Jessica Marshall-Gardiner at 12 years old in The Orchid House for the BBC. The Orchid House also starred Elizabeth Hurley, ...

Remember this 'Coming To America' actress? New details emerged about her life & sudden death

Madge Sinclair is known for her iconic role as Queen Aoleon in the movie ' Coming to America' alongside Eddie Murphy and ...

The Lion King | The Recording Sessions

It is time. Return to the Pride Lands with The Lion King, now a part of the Walt Disney Signature Collection. The Lion King (2017) ...

Preview Clip: Almos' A Man (1976, starring LeVar Burton) Although Dave (LeVar Burton) and his family are poor ...

STARMAN -- The Test

The series finale, directed by Robert Hays. With Jerry Hardin, Madge Sinclair, Robert DoQui Buck Taylor, and Dub Taylor.

(Cornbread) Wilford, Be a Man! - Tell The Truth - Laurence Fishburne

Cornbread - Be a Man Now: And Forever - Just Tell The Truth - Jamaal Wilkes, Laurence Fishburne, Madge Sinclair, Moses Gunn, ...

"Roots" 1977 - Scene

Scene from "Roots"

'Coming To America' Star Opens Up About The Sequel While Hanging Out At McDowell's!

Shari Headley, who starred as Lisa in "Coming to America," stopped by the McDowell's pop-up restaurant and shared her ...

The Lion King Characters Of Voices Actors And Names

The Lion King Characters Of Voices Actors And Names Video link: Many Thanks With regard to ...

James Earl Jones and His Unmistakable Voice

Legendary actor reveals what he overcame to become a Hollywood legend and the voice of Darth Vader.

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