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Michelle Kwan- 1998 Olympics- Free Skate Silver Metal Finish

Michele Kwan finishing 2nd after Tara Lipinski. Tara had a more difficult program than Kwan but everyone still thought she would ...

Michelle Kwan - Fields of Gold (2002)

2002 Salt Lake Music by Eva Cassidy.

Michelle Kwan 2003 World Championships

She wins her 5th World title with this Long Program.

[4K60P] Michelle Kwan 2002 SLC SP - Piano Concerto No. 3 by Rachmaninoff

Michelle Kwan / Мишель Кван / ミシェル・クワン 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Ladies Short Program зимних ...

Michelle Kwan's Top 10 Programs

Disclaimers: 1). A program had to be clean to be chosen for this list. 2) Fields of Gold and 2003 Worlds LP were not downloadable ...

#IAm Michelle Kwan Story

CAPE's #IAm Campaign made possible by U.S. Bank celebrates AAPI role models throughout May, Asian American and Pacific ...

Michelle Kwan - Pocahontas (1996)

1996 Champions on Ice Music from the soundtrack.



[HD] Michelle Kwan - 2002 Worlds FS - Scheherazade

Michelle Kwan / Мишель Кван / ミシェル・クワン 2002 World Figure Skating Championships, Ladies Free Skating, Nagano, Japan, ...

Michelle Kwan skates to Fields of Gold @ Salt Lake City 2002 | Music Monday

Enjoy this look back at the iconic American figure skater, Michelle Kwan, as she performs to Eva Cassidy's rendition of Sting ...

Michelle Kwan USA - 1996 World Championships LP

SP : 1st, LP : 1st, gold medal March 17th-24th, Edmonton, CAN.

"Hero" by Yu-Na Kim & Michelle Kwan (2010 All That Skate LA)

2010 All That Skate LA "Hero" performed by Yu-Na Kim & Michelle Kwan.

Michelle Kwan 2004 Nationals Long Program - "Tosca"

This is Michelle Kwan's performance of "Tosca" at the 2004 US Figure Skating Championships.

Michelle Kwan - East of Eden (1998)

1998 World Pro Music by Lee Holdridge.

Michelle Kwan - 2001 World Figure Skating Championships - Long Program

Music: Song of the Black Swan by Villa-Lobos and Dumky Trio by Dvorak.

Michelle Kwan Lyra Angelica at 1998 US Nationals

"Lyra Angelica" by William Alwyn and "Gymnopedie 3" by Erik Satie. The legendary performance.

Michelle Kwan - You Raise Me Up (2005)

2005 U.S. Figure Skating Championships Music by Josh Groban.

Olympics 2002 Salt Lake City: Michelle Kwan - Fields of Gold (Arrangement: Eva Cassidy)

Olympics 2002 Salt Lake City Women Skating: Michelle Kwan Music: Fields of Gold (Arrangement & Singer: Eva Cassidy)

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