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[JAPAN] Misaki Ito Tribute - Actress & Shiseido Model

This video introduces u to Ms. Misaki Ito, one of Japan's most beautiful women. Misaki is an actress and a Shiseido-exclusive ...

伊東美咲 Misaki Ito - Two Of Hearts

Misaki Ito - Compilation 伊東美咲 - 合輯.

Densha Otoko Misaki Ito's Interview

This is what they are saying: Q. Could you tell us your first impression when you read the original story? A. The first impression is ...

Super Cute Model Misaki Ito, Island Fun Ride 2014, P1

Part 1/3 of Island Fun Ride 2014 Location: Penang Times Square Playlist: ...

伊東美咲 Misaki Ito - Angel Queen

Misaki Ito - Compilation 伊東美咲 - 合輯.

伊東美咲 (Misaki Ito) ::: 資生堂 ::: SHISEIDO

伊東美咲 ☆ 資生堂(秋の舞編) CM.

Densha Otoko - Moe Moment

An extremely cute and funny clip from the later part of the Densha Otoko drama starring Atsushi Itou and Misaki Ito.

Ito Misaki visits HK in 2003

For the promotion of Shiseido...

【HD 高画質】 伊東美咲 Misaki Ito CM CF 宝くじ 2010春

伊東美咲をもっと見たい方はコチラ ↓ http://tinyurl.com/yj8373c.

About Love (2005) 伊東美咲 - Ito Misaki cut [2/2]

Scenes from the first episode of three episodes movie "About Love" (Japan/China, 2005). This is not the first full episode, I cut off ...

Misaki Ito, Victoria Aik Yen, Sapuri, Densha Otoko, GTO 2013, Zard, Gerryko Malaysia

Misaki Ito (伊東 美咲 Itō Misaki?) (born May 26, 1977) is a Japanese actress and model. Her maiden name is Tomoko Anzai (安斉 ...

Top Ten Most Beautiful Japanese Women

Top Ten Most Beautiful Japanese Women 10. Misaki Ito 9. Keiko Kitagawa 8. Mao Inoue 7. Aragaki Yui 6. Honda Tsubasa 5.

伊東美咲 資生堂 PN CM / Misaki Ito Shiseido pn CM

伊東美咲 資生堂 PN CM / Misaki Ito Shiseido pn CM 特にナシ・・・ イマイチ・・・

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