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Tribute to a beautiful Star Trek actress. Compilation from different movies and series. Here is Nancy Kovack known from Star Trek ...

Nancy Kovack Tribute

Nancy Kovack Tribute.

Nancy Kovack - BiographyEdit

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Frankie and Johnny (1966) - Lucky Redhead Scene (3/12) | Movieclips

Frankie and Johnny - Lucky Redhead: Johnny (Elvis Presley) meets Nellie Bly (Nancy Kovack), who brings him good luck at ...

The real voice of Nancy Kovack in Diary Of A Madman - 1963

The real voice of Nancy Kovack in Diary Of A Madman - 1963.

Diary Of A Madman 1963,Stars Vincent Price&Nancy Kovack

Stars,Vincent Price, Nancy Kovack, Chris Warfield.

Copy of Nancy Kovack "A Chiseled Beauty" slideshow

I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (

Nancy Kovack in 'Enter Laughing' (1967) Director: Carl Reiner Writers: Joseph Stein (play), Carl Reiner (novel) | 2 more credits »

Star Trek - Nona Gets Killed

Kirk and McCoy find one of the natives, Nona, being assaulted by the enemy villagers, and eventually kill her (A Private Little War)

Dean Martin Lady With The Big Umbrella

Dean Martin Lady With The Big Umbrella This clip is from The Silencers(1966) and the lady is Stella Stevens & Israeli actress ...

Diary of a Madman 1963 Trailer HD | Vincent Price | Nancy Kovack

Diary of a Madman 1963 An evil spirit leaves the body of his human host, a criminal on death-row, and sneaks into the body of his ...

Batman! What Shall I Do For You, That You Let Go Of My Beautiful Ass! (S1E06) (5).

Episode: Batman is Riled. Television Series: Batman (TV series) (1966-1968). The legal owner: WBTV.).

Medea's dance - "Jason and the Argonauts"

The legendary Greek hero leads a team of intrepid adventurers in a perilous quest for the legendary Golden Fleece.

U.S. Steel Hour: "Queen of the Orange Bowl" (1/13/1960)

U.S. Steel Hour: "Queen of the Orange Bowl." Original air date: January 13, 1960. In only his second scripted role, talk show ...

Sixties Cheesecake Dance No. 2

PLEASE READ THIS - This is the temple dance sequence from "Jason and the Argonauts" (1963), unquestionably the greatest ...

Charlie, You Made The Night Too Long, Show #315 (1969) | Insight powered by Paulist Productions

Members of the white establishment are driving through a Negro ghetto when their car breaks down. They seek refuge in a local ...

Nancy Kovack

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