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Torri Higginson Talks About the Cast of Stargate Atlantis and Jason Momoa Stripping

Torri Higginson talks about the restraining order that the rest of the cast of Stargate Atlantis has against her; and the fact that Jason ...

Torri Higginson on This Life season two

Torri Higginson has learned to console a lot of strangers over the past year. Viewers of the CBC drama “This Life”, which ...

Torri Higginson on her Character Natalie Lawson | This Life | CBC

Torri Higginson talks about what attracted her to the role of Natalie, and the journey she has over the course of the series. This Life ...

Torri Higginson Discusses Evil Weir (and Dirty Weir)

Torri Higginson (Stargate Atlantis) talks about the evil version of her character, Dr. Elizabeth Weir, and wanting the series to have ...

Paul McGillion on working with Torri Higginson

Paul McGillion talks on Friday morning at DragonCon 2009 about an onset experience with Torri Higginson.

FACTS 2011: Torri Higginson

FACTS-convention 23-10-2011 Flanders Expo Ghent Belgium Q&A with actress Torri Higginson.

Torri Higginson On Universe -

Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis vet Torri Higginson discusses her reaction to the newest member of the Stargate family: Universe.

Torri Higginson in Stargate Atlantis-Video in suo onore

Questo video è completamente dedicato a Torri Higginson che ha fatto Di Stargate Atlantis uno strastupendo telefilm............Sei ...

Inhuman Condition | Episode 22 | Supernatural Series ft. Torri Higginson

SUBSCRIBE to KindaTV ▻▻ Episode 22 ▻ A CCTV feed reveals Tamar used her powers when ...

All This Goodness - Torri Higginson

My friend Sydney asked me "when are you going to vid her to a steamy pop song?!?" Right now, Sydney! Right now! (So long as ...


Matthew hates his bread crusts and has tried everything to keep from eating them. It's no use, though, his mother, Alice, is not ...

A message from Torri Higginson

A message from Torri Higginson to her Cambridge Comicon fans.

Inhuman Condition | BTS | Interview with Torri Higginson/"Dr.Kessler"

SUBSCRIBE to KindaTV ▻▻ Torri Higginson (Dr. Michelle Kessler) talks about what drew her to ...

Torri Higginson at Oz Comic Con Perth 26th March 2017

Torri Higginson is from Stargate Atlantis and Dark Matter. Had a pleasure meeting her and getting a photo. Her panel was very ...

Torri Higginson in NCIS1 - part1

NCIS 5x04 Identity Crisis.

She's A Lady - Elizabeth Weir

{previously known as butterfly1968} Liz really is just a lady with all the guys falling for her. No copyright infringement intended.

Happy Birthday Torri Higginson!!

Happy birthday to one of my favorite actresses. Torri reminds me that you can be totally serious and a total goofball at the same ...

Torri Higginson - One Love

My video on a extraordinary and beautiful actress : Torri Higginson.

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